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The mesmerizing state of Uttarakhand offers some of the most fascinating places for Honeymoon holidays. Get details on honeymoon destinations in Uttarakhand.

Honeymoon in India : Honeymoon in Uttarakhand

Honeymoon in Uttarakhand

Honeymoon in Naini Lake, UttarakhandHoneymoon in Uttarakhand - With its alpine cool climate, Uttarakhand is a darling state of India. It has many enthrallingly beautiful and varied hill stations are its embrace. Tourists fall in love with nature at the first sight. No artwork seems more aesthetic and elegant than the one painted by the Nature itself. Uttarakhand is replete with variety of tourism opportunities; be it nature, wildlife, adventure and pilgrimage tourism.

Bordering with China and Nepal in the North and adjoining with Indian states of Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand (or Uttaranchal) is a part of western Himalayan ranges. Although many of its hill stations were discovered by the British during the colonial era to beat the scorching heat and sultry weather of Indian plains, they have earned quite impressive sobriquets with the passage of time. So here, you have Kausani - 'Switzerland of India'; Rani Khet - 'Queen's Field'; Pithoragarh - 'Little Kashmir'; Mussoorie - 'Queen of Hills'; Uttarakhan - 'Land of Gods' and so on. Tourists can easily assess the value for their money and time.

Nainital (Naini Lake) - though crowded during the peak summer months for the obvious reasons of its amiable and cool respite from the sultry heat of the plains - is a favourite for the newly-wed honeymooning couple. It is a heavenly retreat for a person who is in love with lakes. The soul-stirring beautiful distant view of the Himalayas in the backdrop with rich fresh greenery of dense trees on hills with ravishing lake down there, in the close view from your hotel balcony takes you to a dreamy romantic world. You never wish to come back; you only yearn to go again.

Nainital offers you a variety of fun and enjoyment. Take a stroll to the Zoo Gardens (very close to the Naini Lake), you will not only enjoy the captivating scenic beauty en route, but also be surprised to find a wow bird's eye-view of the Naini Lake down below. Zoo, with its open-caged, hale and hearty, and neat and clean wild animals & birds like dears, bears, tigers, pheasants, etc., and with its well-groomed & pruned gardens leave you with a long-lasting first impression. Down back near the lake only, you have the Rope-way point from where you take the cable-car to the Rock-Garden at a higher altitude where romance is in the air with pure white clouds floating and bussing you.

Boating in the Naini Lake is another favourite with the tourists. Inside the boat and splashing the lake water onto your partner and getting yourself photo-clicked becomes an enduring memory.

The Mall of Nainital carries its own charm during evenings when young honeymoon couples are spotted enjoying a romantic walk with their hands- in- hand, slurping ice-cream or sipping coffee. The Mall, along the most part of the boundary of the lake, is dotted with hotels and restaurants.

For a fond lover of water-bodies, Nainital is an epitome, as it has several other exotic lakes in its proximity. Sat Tal (Seven Lakes) is the one where, besides the enticing scenic beauty, one can enjoy fishing and boat- rides on placid waters. Bhimtal - a lake with its mythological link with Mahabharata - is the one where there is an intriguing- looking island with restaurant in the middle of the lake. Nankutchia Tal (meaning a lake having nine corners) is another lake which is full of lotus and surrounded by dense forest and mountainous backdrop.

Almora proffers exquisite scenic beauty to the tourist. With its most of the days flawless, tourist can surrender himself defenselessly to the daily doses of charming views of many peaks and spectacular snowscapes of the central Himalayas. Terraced fields and stone-slatted barrack-like villages are its other hallmarks. With Jageshwar Temple - one among the 12-jyotir lingas; being here; a deer park on its outskirts and lore of rich cultural heritage of Kumaon - Almora is really a variety show on hills. It also takes pride in its associations with Indian celebrities. Here Swami Vivekananda gave famous lectures, Guru Rabindranath Tagore bereaved the loss of a beloved child, and Pt. Nehru served a term of imprisonment.

Kausani in UttarakhandKausani (often referred to as the Switzerland of India) is situated among mountains and trees, from where good- view of the well-known peaks of Trishul and Nanda Devi are visible. While the deep pine forests and majestic view of Himalayas lay their constantly relaxing magical spell on the tourists, one captures thousand of panoramic colours of nature from morning to evening during stay. In the close periphery of Kausani , you have worthwhile places like Baijnath Temple (17 km) which was built thousands of years ago and is still admired for its carvings and sculptures; Pant Museum displaying the daily-use articles of the famed Hindi Poet Sumitra Nandan Pant who was born in Kausani; and Glaciers of Sunderdoonga (known for its beautiful rocks) and Kafni are an ideal catch for adventurous trekkers.

Pithoragarh, fondly called the 'Little Kashmir', offers not only beautiful artwork of nature but also various adventure sports such as white- River rafting, hang-gliding and skiing. For one, it has a number of lakes to enjoy including the two famous ones Jolinkong and Anchherital; then there is the legendary Sikh Shrine Ritha Sahib, near Lohaghat, where Guru Nanak is believed to have touched the bitter ritha to turn it sweet.

Ranikhet (meaning the Queen's Field) wonderfully mirrors the best of the heavenly Himalayas offering transcendental views of the snow-capped Nanda Devi, lush green forests, delicate plant life and attractive wild life. It is called the Queen's Field because the scenic place won the heart of famous Rani Padmini(Queen Padmini) who chose it as her abode. Ranikhet carries with it ample opportunities for enjoyable walks, picnic spots and exciting treks including the best nine-hole golf course. Ranikhet has emerged as a favoured all- season destination for all the obvious reasons: rains here bring forth fresh flowers sprouting up; stooping tree-branches with nature-ripened fruits thereon and during winter softly-falling snow flakes present a romantic sight.

Mussoorie in UttarakhandMussoorie, popularly known as the queen of hills, enjoys vantage point as a favourite hill station on several counts. First, its sensuous scenic beauty sets it apart from all hill stations in India. Second, like Nainital, it is close enough from Delhi & NCR regions to make a weekend trip quite possible. Third, situated at an altitude of 2003 mts, it provides cool solace to the tourist from the plains with sultry conditions in summers. Fourth, major Hindu Pilgrimages like Kedarnath, Badrinath and others are not very far from this place.

Mussoorie derives its name from the commonly found shrub 'Mansur.' Cool mesmerizing environs of Mussoorie with white, pure & refreshing clouds, floating in the air and bussing the tourist, lay sweet & satisfying charm on him as soon as he enters its surrounding aura.

Though Musoorie has many fixed prime attractions, major one is the romantic walk-ways. Take a love-hearted walk along any of the meandering path ways, forking off the main arterial roads. You will just love it. Landscapes are more known to arouse human passions than the nude bodies. Here all roads go to romance.

The Mall in Mussoorie hands out an amazing variety of walk-pastimes. There is no denying that the Mall would be lifeless without people and people would find Mussoorie lifeless without the Mall. With no noisy traffic around, except the occasional, measured clatter of hooves of ride- offering horses and sporadic ringing of cycle- rickshaw bells, tourists leisurely glide up and down the mall, breathing in refreshing oxygenated mountair air, gossiping and gazing at the assortmentt of goods displayed in the shops that line the mall.

Camel Back Road (about 3 km walk) rivals the mall in popularity. The road was named after a rock resembling the back of a camel, which can be seen from near the gate of Mussoorie Public School. Then two- kilometer walk from Library Chowk to the colourful Municipal Garden(read Company Bagh ), is yet another favourite walk-pastime.

About 15 km from Musoorie, on the road to Chakrata lies the biggest attraction of Kempty Falls. Located at a high altitude of 4500 feet and with high mountain ranges all around in view, Kempty Falls offer a breath-taking view as the water falling down from the height of 40 feet spilts in many streams and cool showers, during summers, tourists greatly enjoy in soaking themselves and swimming in the cold water beneath the falls.

Lansdowne (named after lord Lansdowne, one of the British Viceroys of India) is one of the quietest hill stations in the country. This serenading resort, with its pleasant climate in summer and very cold in winter, is surrounded by thick oak and pine forest. It is a perfect place for a peaceful holiday without the usual hustle- bustle of other popular hill stations. About 14 km away from here there is the legendary Karnva Asharam where Shakuntala is believed to have given birth to prince Bharat after whose name the country is called Bharat Varsh.

Chamba (different from Chamba in Himachal) is a small picturesque hill town- about 50 km from missoorie. It is a quiet and marvelous place to unwind oneself and ward away city blues. Kanatoo, yet another pleasant hill locate on the Chamba-Mussoorie highway offers a welcome respite from the city heat during summer and provides a snow-white winter.

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